[R] SPSS and R ? do they like each other?

zorritillito-secure@yahoo.de zorritillito-secure at yahoo.de
Mon Dec 5 09:38:42 CET 2005

--- ronggui <042045003 at fudan.edu.cn> schrieb:

> In fact,when using read.spss to read the spss data
> file into R,the labels are retained (keeped) rather
> than be dropped.
> for example WVS is the data file be readed in,it has
> label.table and variable.labels.
> > names(attributes(WVS.CHINA))
> [1] "label.table"     "variable.labels" "names"  
> and label.table is something like "value: in spss
> file and variable.labels are "label" in spss data
> file.
> hope this helps.

Thank you very much! I wil try that.

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