[R] cloud() 3D scatter plot

Michelle DePrenger-Levin DePrengM at botanicgardens.org
Sat Dec 3 00:02:55 CET 2005


I am creating a 3D scatter plot with the cloud function. I ask it to
group my rows by a "Treatment" column (there are 4 different groups). I
need to know which points in the plot correspond to which rows (which
treatment). By default it assigns pchs and cols to each group. When I
try to define the colors or point shapes it seems to use the first color
and pch for both the first and last group. I've tried to add:

col = c("blue","red","orange","green"), 
pch = c(20,20,22,22),

after the "cex" line.

The only think that seems to work and keep all four groups separate is

cex = c(1,2,3,4), 

I cannot figure out what it combines the first and last of my groups
with the same point character and color. Any suggestions?

(Part of my code)
print(cloud(RMMdistMETAc3$points[,1] ~ RMMdistMETAc3$points[,2] *
            data = RMM,
            cex = 0.8,           
            groups = Treatment, 
            screen = list(z = 10, x = -40, y = 3),
            ) .....

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