[R] Seven month time-series sampled at hourly intervals

Henrik Andersson h.andersson at nioo.knaw.nl
Fri Dec 2 12:35:46 CET 2005

I have data from several sensors that recorded data at hourly intervals 
during seven months. I want to separate daily variation from the trend, 
and also be able to zoom in on only one month of data.

I have not been able what functions to use, I can not figure out from 
the help for 'ts' how to use hourly data.

I guess this is routine-work for a lot of people so I hope someone can 
point me in the right direction.

Henrik Andersson
Netherlands Institute of Ecology -
Centre for Estuarine and Marine Ecology
P.O. Box 140
4400 AC Yerseke
Phone: +31 113 577473
h.andersson at nioo.knaw.nl

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