[R] identifying strong clustering

paul sorenson sourceforge at metrak.com
Fri Dec 2 09:04:42 CET 2005

I have 130 or so rows of questionnaire data.  It is 67 columns wide 
mostly of categorical nature (and often yes/no).

I have been using daisy, pam and plot to view cluster plots with subsets 
of columns.  With different subsets, there is great variation in the 
degree of overlap of the clusterplot ellipses, which I assume indicates 
some measure of differentiation between clusters.

Can anyone point me at forms of analysis which can help identify column 
subsets which yield "high" clustering (separation of ellipses?)?

Sorry for the verbose description, there is probably a single word or 
phrase which describes what I would like to do.  I just don't know it.

Ultimately I am trying to identify distinct groups within the 
respondents and find what areas (columns) that define the groups.


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