[R] Impaired boxplot functionality - mean instead of median

Evgeniy Kachalin ka4alin at yandex.ru
Thu Dec 1 20:32:30 CET 2005

Marc Schwartz (via MN) ЃпЃиЃшЃеЃт:
> On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 19:40 +0300, Evgeniy Kachalin wrote:
>>Martin Maechler ЃпЃиЃшЃеЃт:

>>So I analize genetics data. I have some factor (gene variant, c(1,2,3))
>>and the quantitative variable corresponding to that factor. How do I
>>visualize this situation? Compare mean of samples corresponding to
>>factor values?
>>Should boxplot support 'mean-in-the-middle', it would fit my needs
>>ideally. How do I plot mean +/- SD plot?
>>Also there is a way to rewrite boxplot.stats and replace "fivenum" there
>>for self-made function. Then I would need to write self-made
>>boxplot.formula (or boxplot.default?) function. And all this stuff would
>>not be configurable. I'm still novice in R, so I need simple way to
>>pre-visualize my data and estimate approximate result.
> If you want means and SDs, you might want to look at:
> 1. plotCI() and plotmeans() in the gplots package

So plotmeans is incapable of: boxplot(numerical~fact1+fact2). Is there 
any way further?


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