[R] suppress checking chm files in R CMD check on Windows

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Thu Dec 1 19:08:17 CET 2005

On 12/1/2005 11:24 AM, Ingmar Visser wrote:
> Dear R-helpers,
> When installing a source package I can suppress the compilation of .chm
> files by using the --docs="normal" option. Is it also possible to suppress
> the creation and checking of .chm files when calling R CMD check ?

I'd guess that using the --no-install option would do that.

In general, the R CMD commands have a --help option that lists their 

$ Rcmd check --help
Usage: R CMD check [options] pkgs

Check R packages from package sources, which can be directories or
gzipped package 'tar' archives with extension '.tar.gz' or '.tgz'.

A variety of diagnostic checks on directory structure, index and
control files are performed.  The package is installed into the log
directory (which includes the translation of all Rd files into several
formats), and the Rd files are tested by LaTeX (if available).  All
examples and tests provided by the package are tested to see if they
run successfully.

   -h, --help            print short help message and exit
   -v, --version         print 'check' version info and exit
   -l, --library=LIB     library directory used for test installation
                         of packages (default is outdir)
   -o, --outdir=DIR      directory used for logfiles, R output, etc.
                         (default is 'pkg.Rcheck' in current directory,
                         where 'pkg' is the name of the package checked)
       --no-clean        do not clean outdir before using it
       --no-codoc        do not check for code/documentation mismatches
       --no-examples     do not run the examples in the Rd files
       --no-install      skip installation and associated tests
       --no-tests        do not run code in tests subdirectory
       --no-vignettes    do not check vignettes in Sweave format
       --no-latex        do not run LaTeX on help files
       --use-gct         use 'gctorture(TRUE)' when running examples/tests
       --use-valgrind    use 'valgrind' when running 
       --rcfile=FILE     read configuration values from FILE

By default, all test sections are turned on.

Email bug reports to <r-bugs at r-project.org>.

Duncan Murdoch

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