[R] Kalman Smoothing - time-variant parameters (sspir)

¨Tariq Khan tariq.khan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 13:12:24 CET 2005

Dear R-brains,

I'm rather new to state-space models and would benefit from the extra
confidence in using the excellent package sspir.

In a one-factor model, If I am trying to do a simple regression where
I assume the intercept is constant and the 'Beta' is changing, how do
I do that? How do i Initialize the filter (i.e. what is appropriate to
set m0, and C0 for the example below)?

The model I want is: y = alpha + beta + err1; beta_(t+1) = beta_t + err2

I thought of the following:
library(mvtnorm) # (1)
# Let's get some data so we can all try this at home
dfrm <- data.frame(
                   y =
                   x = c(-0.03,-0.01,0.07,-0.03,-0.07,0.05,0.02,-0.05,-0.04,
ss <- ssm(y ~ tvar(x), time = 1:nrow(dfrm), family=gaussian(link="identity"),
smooth.params <- smoother(kfilter(ss$ss))$m

(1) I read in http://ww.math.aau.dk/~mbn/Teaching/MarkovE05/Lecture3.pdf
that this is requred as there is a bug in sspir.

To what should I set ss$ss$m0 and ss$ss$C0? (I did notice that
smoother() replaces these, but it still matters what I initialize it
to in the first place)

Many thanks!

Tariq Khan

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