[R] using predict and recalibrating repeatedly?

Molins, Jordi Jordi.Molins at drkw.com
Thu Dec 1 11:59:43 CET 2005

Let us say I have a time series I want to forecast. I have decided I am
going to use ppr, nnet and svm. I calibrate my model with these 3 algorithms
(let us assume I use all the data for the calibration; I do not distinguish
here between training and testing: all data are used for training, just for
simplification of the exposition). Now, I get a new data point for the time
series. I use the predict method with the 3 calibrations. This is fast. I
get a new data point. I use the predict method. And so on. But at some point
in time, I want to recalibrate my 3 algorithms. This takes time. What I
would like is the following:

Let us assume I have 1000 data points. I calibrate my algorithms to this
data set. Let us assume that I get a new data point every minute, and let us
assume it takes half an hour for the calibration of one of the algorithms.
What I want is that for the first 30 data points, I am using the "old"
predict. Then, after this point, I start a calibration with 1030 data
points. But this will take a long time (until I have acquired 1060 points).
What I want is to use the old predict (the calibration when there were 1000
data points). When the calibration with the 1060 points is over and I get
the data point No. 1061, I would like that automatically, when I call the
predict method, the new predict is called, not the old one.

Is there an easy way to do this? Of course, the ideal would be to have the
calibration in one computer and the predict in another, but I guess that
this adds too much complexity to the mix ...

Thank you.

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