[R] tcl/tk

Filippo BISCARINI filippobiscarini at anafi.it
Thu Sep 30 16:34:47 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I am already using R under Window and would like now to try and install it
under Unix; I read I need tcl/tk installed so I connected to
http://www.scriptics.com downloaded the file and extracted them to a
directory tcltk beside R. I configured (./configure) both packages (tcl and
tk) and compiled (make) them but I am not sure about how to proceed now:
should I launch the command make install? Should I edit the config.site of R
to specify some configuration variables? But how?
Does anybody know anything about it and have suggestions on how to go on and
properly install tcl/tk and subsequently R?

I should be able to complete the installation of R once I worked around this
tcl/tk hindrance.

Thank you very much,

Filippo Biscarini

     Filippo Biscarini,
     Research and Development
     ANAFI (Italian Holstein Association)
     Via Bergamo, 292
     26100, Cremona, Italy
     tel: +39.0372.474234

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