[R] Looking for .Call functions

Nathaniel B. Derby nderby at u.washington.edu
Tue Sep 28 22:23:28 CEST 2004


Thanks for the help.  Unfortunately, my version of R (1.9.1) doesn't have that directory (i.e., within $RSRC\src\library, there is just a subdirectory entitled "windlgs"), and has neither ts.h nor pacf.c in any of its directories.  Could it be that this function is embedded inside a .dll file (like stats.dll)?



> It means that in one of the .c source files in $RSRC/src/library/stats/src 
> there will be a C function declared as
> SEXP arma0fa(SEXP, SEXP);
> (In fact it is declared in ts.h and defined in pacf.c in that directory)

> Nathaniel B. Derby wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In my ongoing quest to track down the source of an error (see message "[R] 
>> optim error in arima" above), I find in the cource code for arima0 the 
>> following:
>>     arma0f <- function(p) {
>>         par <- as.double(fixed)
>>         par[mask] <- p
>>         .Call("arma0fa", G, par, PACKAGE = "stats")
>>     }
>> I would like to know what the function "arma0f" does.  Does the above mean 
>> that there is a function called "arma0fa" somewhere in R?  Where is it?  I 
>> couldn't find anything in Rinternals.h.

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