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YiYao_Jiang YiYao_Jiang at smics.com
Tue Sep 28 08:59:39 CEST 2004

Could you perhaps describe exactly what "can't compile" means, please?
It's hard to know what you've tried without a little more information.

1). I type these command:

         f <- function(x,y) x+y
         g <- function(x,y) x-y
         d <- data.frame(a=1,b=2)
         e <- rnorm(1000)
         package.skeleton(list=c("f","g","d","e"), name="AnExample")

This is an example in "package.skeleton" . And I find a new folder "AnExample" created in "D:\ R\ rw109\ ". Enter the  "AnExample" folder , there are 4 folders "data", "mam", "R","src" and 2 files "DESCRIPTION" and "README". 
2). I type "> search()" but no "AnExample". What should I do to setup the package?


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