[R] how to set options (variables) permanently

Thomas Schönhoff tom_woody at swissinfo.org
Sun Sep 26 13:01:12 CEST 2004


after starting Emacs/ESS/R environment I tried to launch "edit" or 
"fix". This normally should fire up the $editor, isn't it.

Instead of this I regularily I run into an error that there something 
wrong with $editor.

 >  op <- options(); str(op)

Amongst many entries you'll find this:

  $ editor               : chr "emacsclient"

Seems to be plain obivious that this command (instead of 'emacs' or 
'/usr/bin/emacs') would never run.

So an options(editor="emacs") does the trick, I already found out......

But it is very uncomfortable to set the $editor variable every time when 
you return to R!

I've tried to achieve this by:


and also:

options(OPT = emacs)

but this didn't work! Next time I fired up Emacs/ESS/R again, the 
$editor variable is still defaulting to "emacsclient"?!

Is there any possiblity to adjust and store this variable (and others) 
permanently ? My search on this topic in R-Mailing-Archives failed.



platform i386-pc-linux-gnu
arch     i386
os       linux-gnu
system   i386, linux-gnu
major    1
minor    9.1
year     2004
month    06
day      21
language R

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