[R] anova and post hoc multicomparison tests

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Your comments are a compliment to R.

Undoubtedly other software is preferable if you want to do
Student-Newman-Keuls or Fisher's "protected" LSD (ANOVA F-test followed by
unadjusted T-tests). Perhaps the reason is that neither Student-Newman-Keuls
nor Fisher's "protected" LSD is a valid multiple comparison procedure.
Student-Newman-Keuls does not even control the probability of making at
least one false assertion of inequality (which is the almost the minimum one
could ask of a multiple comparison procedure). For details, including
examples of where these methods fail, see:

Hsu, J.C. (1996). Multiple Comparisons: Theory and Methods. Chapman & Hall.

If you want to use R to perform valid multiple comparisons, such as
Dunnett's MCC or Tukey's HSD, see the function TukeyHSD and also the
multcomp package. 

Jim Rogers

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> Hello everyone, 
> Like a lot of people, I have been looking for functions in R doing ANOVA
> (ok) and performing multicomparisons (like Student-Newman-Keuls, etc.).
> As I have been a little bit disappointed, I have bee looking through the
> net for such "open source" softwares. I found one in:
> http://www.statpages.org/miller/openstat/OS4.html
> I have begun to use it, and it seems good and simple to understand (as
> for a non-specialist like me).
> Sorry for R, but I prefer OpenStat4 to R for ANOVAs and post hoc tests.
> Guillaume

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