[R] debugging functions within Emacs/ESS/R

Thomas Schönhoff tom_woody at swissinfo.org
Fri Sep 24 13:03:27 CEST 2004


I currently following some introductory material "Data mining with R", 
which was highly reccommended to me (its really great!).

During my studies I tried to run a given function to identify and 
substitute unknown values.
Seemingly, running this function (page 57) did not work and gives me an 
error message.

It would be very easy just to copy and paste this function to ask for 
help on this list. Guess' that most afficiandos on this list need a 
simple glimpse to tell me whats wrong,
but I am more interested in learning how to debug buggy functions within 
Emacs/ESS/R by myself!

Reading FAQ, ?debug, ?traceback, ?recover, ?browse help files didn't 
prove to be a good starting point for me (sorry, my programming skills 
are somewhat limited at the moment).

Is there any learning-by-doing example of debugging functions in 
Emacs/ESS/R I may have not noticed now?



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