[R] How to improve the quality of curve/line plots?

Wolf, Michael Michael.Wolf at bezreg-muenster.nrw.de
Thu Sep 23 17:08:49 CEST 2004

Dear list,

I'm using the windows version of R. When plotting a curve or a line for time series with annual data , e. g. GDP growth 1991-2003, the line seems to exist of a lot of smaller lines. Printing the results the curves and lines seems to be "unclean" (because of using small resolution bitmaps?). Comparing the result of R with the same results of Excel the lines in excel seems to havve a higher qualitiy. In Excel you also can produce curves instead of lines.

Are there any possibilities how to improve the quality of the plots in R? How can R be influenced to plot "clean" lines with a higher resolution on the screen (I think it's not a question of the pdf- or png command.). Perhaps, it's a problem of the graphical possibilites of R because the most line plots which can be seen on the web have these problems.


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