[R] block statistics with POSIX classes

Kahra Hannu kahra at mpsgr.it
Wed Sep 22 17:22:20 CEST 2004

I have a monthly price index series x, the related return series y = diff(log(x)) and a POSIXlt date-time variable dp. I would like to apply annual blocks to compute for example annual block maxima and mean of y.

When studying the POSIX classes, in the first stage of the learning curve, I computed the maximum drawdown of x:
> mdd <- maxdrawdown(x)
> max.dd <- mdd$maxdrawdown
> from <- as.character(dp[mdd$from]) 
> to <- as.character(dp[mdd$to])                       
> from; to
[1] "2000-08-31"
[1] "2003-03-31"
that gives me the POSIX dates of the start and end of the period and suggests that I have done something correctly.

Two questions:
(1) how to implement annual blocks and compute e.g. annual max, min and mean of y (each year's max, min, mean)?
(2) how to apply POSIX variables with the 'block' argument in gev in the evir package?

The S+FinMetrics function aggregateSeries does the job in that module; but I do not know, how handle it in R. My guess is that (1) is done by using the function aggregate, but how to define the 'by' argument with POSIX variables?

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