[R] glmmPQL correlation structure

Martin Henry H. Stevens HStevens at MUOhio.edu
Wed Sep 22 16:54:15 CEST 2004

Running Mac OS 10.3.5 and R 2.0
Does glmmPQL use the same spatial dependence models as gls in nmle? It 
does not seem to - I get the following, for example:
 > m2 <- glmmPQL(S.Early ~ fertilized*watered, data=geodat, 
family="poisson", random=~1|col)
iteration 1
iteration 2
 > plot(Variogram(m2, form=~col+row))
 > m3 <- update(m2,correlation=corSpher(c(5,.5), form=~col+row, 
iteration 1
Error in model.frame(formula, rownames, variables, varnames, extras, 
extranames,  :
	invalid variable type

Any leads on how to specify exponential or spherical models would be 
appreciated (e.g., pageg or chapter in Venables and Ripley 2002).


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