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Clément Calenge calenge at biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Wed Sep 22 09:31:33 CEST 2004


Thanks for the fast reply.

Paul Murrell wrote:
>Clément Calenge wrote:
>>Dear R-users,
>>I have a small problem with the function png(), when used with the
>>argument colortype="pseudo.cube".
>>  > png("toto.png", colortype="pseudo.cube")
>>  > image(matrix(rnorm(10000), 100, 100))
>>  > dev.off()
>>R is blocked at the last command (R does not
>>print any prompt after the last command). Nothing is
>>written in the file (Gimp indicates that the file is corrupted).
>Did you wait long enough?  This example took a little while to complete 
>for me (may need someone more familiar with the code to tell us why it is 
>so slow).

You're right, it took 45 minutes for me.
However, since I need to use this code to build a Sweave vignette,
I cannot use it too often (I have about thirty files to create, this
would take about 20 hours to build the vignette !).
I also need the colortype argument (some graphics cards
do not allow the compilation of the vignette without).
Does anyone knows how to speed up the process ?


>>  > png("toto.png")
>>  > image(matrix(rnorm(10000), 100, 100))
>>  > dev.off()
>>works fine.
>>I tried:
>>  > options(X11colortype = "pseudo.cube")
>>  > png("toto.png")
>>  > image(matrix(rnorm(10000), 100, 100))
>>  > dev.off()
>>But, here again, R is blocked. I tried to replace dev.off() by
>>graphics.off(), but this does not resolve the problem.
>>The problem does not occurs when the function X11() is used
>>instead of the function png().
>>I searched through the mail archive, the FAQ, on google,
>>but I did not found any solution to this problem.
>>On the help page on the function png(),
>>it is indicated that "The colour handling will be that of the 'X11'
>>device in use".
>>I never used these functions before, but maybe png()
>>is not suitable with colortype="pseudo.cube" ?
>>Can you tell me where I have missed something ?
>>Thanks in Advance,
>>Clément Calenge.
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>>month    06
>>day      21
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