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Vito Ricci vito_ricci at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 21 18:19:24 CEST 2004


a shortcut to import data from an Excel sheet is:

In Excel
1) select cells including data
2) press CTRL+C (copy in clipboard)
open a window starting R

In R
type read.delim("clipboard",header=TRUE) 
if the are headers in excel data
or read.delim("clipboard",header=FALSE) 
if there are not headers 


to use R in Excel.

You wrote:


How do I import data from Excel onto R? I am using
S-Plus Envstat module.
I need to use some of the data that already exist in
the Envstat and put
it into R to make graphs, find basic informations like
mean, median,
standard deviation, etc. I have been reading the help
links, but I don't
see anything in reference to this.

Please help me!

-Maher Lina

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