[R] Getting the real names of variables within functions

adelmaas@MUSC.EDU adelmaas at MUSC.EDU
Mon Sep 20 16:00:19 CEST 2004


These days I find myself writing a lot of functions to handle routine 
things.  One of these  is a function to create a scatterplot of 
variables and draw a lowessed line so I can get some idea if there's 
any relationship between them.

lowessed.plot <- function(x, y)
{	plot(x, y)
	lines(lowess(x, y))

However, there's a slight problem:  the plot axes come out labeled "x" 
and "y", which isn't what I want.  I want the plot axes labeled with 
the names of the variables I passed into lowessed.plot for x and y.  Is 
there any way to do that?  Thanks in advance for any help anyone can 


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