[R] Mac OS X Install Problem

Allan Dobbins adobbins at uab.edu
Sun Sep 19 17:58:15 CEST 2004

	I just tried to install R-1.9.1 on a machine running Mac OSX 10.2.8.  
I am
the only user of the machine.  The install appears to go most of the 
way, then
fail late.  Looking at the messages written to the console, it appears 
that the
installation process does not have permission to do various things (such
as write to the disk!)

Normally when I install from a pre-built package, after hitting the 
Install button
there is a drop down box requiring that I supply the root password.  
This didn't
happen with the R install, making me wonder if the person who built the 
package set it up properly (perhaps there was an assumption that the 
would be a multi-user machine and that software would only be installed 
the administrator?).

In any case, I would like to bring this to the attention of the OS X 
and see if anyone has a suggestion that doesn't require me to spend a 
lot of time.


Allan Dobbins

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