[R] loading error of the Rcmdr library on Debian Sid [SOLVED]

Thomas Schönhoff tom_woody at swissinfo.org
Fri Sep 17 10:12:24 CEST 2004


hopefully someone will remember my previous problem to load the Rcmdr 
library from within GNU R resulting in an error message: 
"libnvidia-tls.so.1: cannot handle TLS data".

Some suggestions have been raised by Christian Schulz and others that 
unfortunately didn't work around this error.
Nevertheless I felt very grateful for your suggestions!

This morning I investigated this problem a bit more in depth. It turned 
out that a buggy NVidia driver (libnvidia-tls.so) is loaded by defualt 
provoking the reported problem.

After renaming /usrlib/tls/ too /usr/lib/tls_old (can also be entirely 
removed!) the problem vanished inmediately and R Commander works 
smoothly out of the box!

Just thought this might be of interest in case of someone else is 
affected by this NVidia related problem!



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