[R] Multi-dimensional scaling

Jari Oksanen jarioksa at sun3.oulu.fi
Thu Sep 16 16:43:00 CEST 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 17:28, Luis Rideau Cruz wrote:

> Is there any package/function in R which can perform multi-dimensional
> scaling?

Ripley's MASS package has isoMDS for non-metric multidimensional
scaling. Moreover, the same package has function sammon for another
variant. Some people regard SOM as a "crude form of" multidimensional
scalling, and that is -- surprise -- in MASS, too (but there are other
implementations). Vasic R (or its stats component) has principal
co-ordinates analysis, a.k.a. as metric multidimensional scaling.
Finally, R has a utility help.search which would show you most of these
and something else, too (perhaps xgvis in the xgobi, if that's installed
in your system). Try help.search("multidimensional scaling").

cheers, jari oksane
Jari Oksanen <jarioksa at sun3.oulu.fi>

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