[R] Read.fwf

Chuck Cleland ccleland at optonline.net
Wed Sep 15 14:59:57 CEST 2004

   You can use rep() in specifying the widths argument to avoid typing 
all those ones.  For example:

read.fwf(file="c:\\mydata.dat", widths = c(rep(1,80), 5, 4, 6))

hope this helps,


Doran, Harold wrote:
> I have a fixed width file with variables of varying width. The help is
> pretty transparent for this feature, but I can't seem to figure out how
> I can make effective use of the package with my data.
> In my dataset, the first 80 columns are of width 1 followed by other
> variables with width larger than 1.
> I think the correct way to do this, by brute force, would be
>>read.fwf(dataset, 1,1,1,...,1,5,...).
> I'm sure I do not need to actually enter 80 "1"s, correct? How might I
> do this more effectively?

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