[R] getting started on Bayesian analysis

Anon. bob.ohara at helsinki.fi
Wed Sep 15 10:02:15 CEST 2004

Jari Oksanen wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 03:27, HALL, MARK E wrote:
>>  I've found 
>>Bayesian Methods: A Social and Behavioral Sciences Approach
>>by Jeff Gill 
>>useful as an introduction.  The examples are written in R and S with generalized scripts for doing 
>>a variety of problems.  (Though I never got change-point analysis to successfully in R.)
> Change point analysis? I haven't seen the book, but I read lecture
> handouts of one Bayesian course over here in Finland (Antti Penttinen,
> JyvÀskylÀ), and translated his example to R during one (rare) warm
> summer day in a garden. So do you mean this (binary case):
> This was off-topic. So something about business: isn't the (Win)BUGS
> author working with a R port?
Yes, he is, and he's got it working in Windows.  But if anyone wants to 
discuss how R does memory management with Andrew, he'll be all ears.

In the mean time, there is the R2WinBUGS package on CRAN for you to enjoy.


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