[R] R post-hoc and GUI

Paolo Ariano paolo.ariano at unito.it
Tue Sep 14 12:02:24 CEST 2004

Hi *
i've done my anova anlysis but now i need post-hoc test, are these
included in R ?

I've a Big problem, working with people that don't like to use
command-line software (but prefer something like openoffice) does
someone is trying to do a usable GUI for R ? i'm reading something on R
commander SciView and others but all seem to be beta. I'd like to make
possible to make anova and post-hoc more simple to my collegues ;)

Paolo Ariano
Neuroscience PhD Student @ UniTo

Una non esclude l'altra ed entrambe non escludono
i soldi - Paolo A.  

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