[R] Rd files with "%" (was: permuting dimensions)

Robin Hankin rksh at soc.soton.ac.uk
Mon Sep 13 14:39:03 CEST 2004

Professor Ripley

thanks for this.   Very much appreciated.

The original subject line reflected my late-night conviction
that the answer might involve passing a strange list to do.call().

Anyway, package magic is broken (only in R-devel, I might add)  because I have
a function called "%eq%".

R-2.0.0  CMD check is stopping (I think) because it interprets  the 
"%" as a control character.

Does anyone have a best-practice  example of a package  that includes a
function like "%eq%" that I could modify?  In particular, how do I get
\usage{m1 %eq% m2}  and \examples{..}  to work nicely?

best wishes


>>What has this to do with the original subject line?  Replacement functions
>>are not intended to be used directly, and certainly not in do.call.
>>See ?aperm, as in
>>xx <- x
>>dim(xx) <- c(2,2,3,3)
>>xx <- aperm(xx, c(1,3,2,4))
>>dim(xx) <- c(6, 6)
>>as required.
>>BTW, you have a broken package `magic' on CRAN: please do us the courtesy
>>of fixing it so we don't continually have to look at it in tests. See

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