[R] boxplot() from list

Laura Quinn laura at env.leeds.ac.uk
Sun Sep 12 17:10:04 CEST 2004

I have a list containing 48 objects (each with 30 rows and 4 columns, all
numeric), and wish to produce 4 boxplot series (with 48 plots in each) ,
one for each column of each object.

Basically I want a boxplot from boxplot(mylist[[]][,i])

for i in 1:4. It seems that I can create a boxplot of length 48 from the
entire list, but I don't seem able to subscript to return 4 boxplots from
the list - I have also tried to create 4 new lists (one for each column of
each object) by using variations on the following, but none seems to work:


can anyone please offer some insight??

Thanks in advance,

Laura Quinn
Institute of Atmospheric Science
School of Earth and Environment
University of Leeds

tel: +44 113 343 1596
fax: +44 113 343 6716
mail: laura at env.leeds.ac.uk

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