[R] Adding GSL library path to SHLIB

Vicky Landsman msvika at mscc.huji.ac.il
Thu Sep 9 18:18:11 CEST 2004

Dear Prof. Ripley,
We read the archive thread
Thank you for your help, we will try to create the Makevars file.

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> On Thu, 9 Sep 2004, Vicky Landsman wrote:
> > Dear R-list people,
> > I asked a similar question a few hours before. I will try to be more
> > specific.  We like to add the GSL library to the file SHLIB in order to
> > make it possible to run the C code using GSL functions from R.  We read
> Read where?  It's incorrect information and only used for Fortran linking.
> > that the path to the libgsl.a should be added to the line shlib_libadd='
> > ' in the file SHLIB but it does not work on our system. Dyn.load fails
> > with error "referenced symbol <symbolname> not found". What is wrong?
> > We will much appreciate any help on this.
> >
> > We are using R-1.9.1 on Unix.
> You should have a file called Makevars in the directory from which
> you are doing the building, defining PKG_LIBS, maybe
> PKG_LIBS="-L/path/to/libgsl -lgsl"
> in the same way as you would for a package: see `Writing R Extensions'.
> I don't think that is documented anywere, though.
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