[R] Installing packages on OS X

Jari Oksanen jarioksa at sun3.oulu.fi
Thu Sep 9 11:16:48 CEST 2004

On Wed, 2004-09-08 at 21:25, hadley wickham wrote:
> On my computer, it seems that (binary?) packages installed through the
> GUI in RAqua are not used available to the command line version of R,
> while (source) packages installed with R CMD INSTALL are available to
> both.  This is a problem when I run R CMD CHECK on a package that I am
> creating that depends on packages I have installed through the gui.
> Is this a problem with my installation of R, or a known limitation?
> (there is no mention of this in the Mac OS X faq, however, the entire
> section entitled "Installing packages" is blank).
It is in some other FAQ... Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac available
now, so I can't check. However, seek for "environmental variables" and
"setting library paths" in some other R FAQ or R
Administration/Installation guide. There will you find a description of
things you should do. It is just as crystal clear as unix man pages:
everything is clear *after* you know what is said there, but you may
have hard time noticing this clarity.

I solved this problem some months ago after a long search among the
official documentation. So it is documented, but well hidden.

I may have a look at a machine where I solved this in the evening
(UTC+3), if you won't get solution before that.

cheers, jari oksanen
Jari Oksanen <jarioksa at sun3.oulu.fi>

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