[R] Problems loading Lapack library

Ed Hughes ehughes at mrco2.carleton.ca
Wed Sep 8 21:45:33 CEST 2004

I have just installed R 1.9.1 on an old Sun Sparc
with the following specs:
Machine hardware:   sun4u
OS version:         5.6
Processor type:     sparc
Hardware:           SUNW,Ultra-4
The following components are installed on your system:
Sun Visual WorkShop C++ 3.0
         Sun WorkShop Compiler C 4.2 
         Sun WorkShop Compiler C++ 4.2 
         Sun WorkShop Tools.h++ 7.0 
         Sun WorkShop Tools.h++ 6.0.4 
         Sun WorkShop Visual 2.0 
         Sun WorkShop IPE 4.0 
         Sun WorkShop CodeManager 2.0 
         Sun WorkShop Distributed Make 2.0 
         Sun WorkShop FileMerge 3.0 
         Sun WorkShop FreezePoint 2.0 
         Sun WorkShop Maketool 2.0 
         Sun WorkShop VersionTool 2.0 
         Sun WorkShop Dbx 4.0 
         Sun WorkShop Performance Analyzer 4.0 
         Sun WorkShop LoopTool 2.1 
         Sun WorkShop LockLint 2.1 
         Sun WorkShop Thread Analyzer 1.2 
         Sun WorkShop XEmacs 20.00 
Sun WorkShop Professional C 3.0
         Sun WorkShop Compiler C 4.2 
         Sun WorkShop IPE 4.0 
         Sun WorkShop Dbx 4.0 
         Sun WorkShop Performance Analyzer 4.0 
         Sun WorkShop IPE 4.0 
Sun WorkShop Compiler FORTRAN 77 4.2 
Sun WorkShop Compiler Fortran 90 1.2 
Sun Performance Library 1.2 

Here are the lines I changed in config.site:

CC="cc -xarch=v8plusa"
CFLAGS="-xO3 -dalign"
F77="f90 -xarch=v8plusa"
FFLAGS="-xO3 -dalign"
LDFLAGS="-L/opt/SUNWspro/lib -L/usr/local/lib"
CXX="CC -xarch=v8plusa"
CXXFLAGS="-xO3 -dalign"

The configure and make steps finished apparently normally,
but "make check" failed.  I found that R would start, and
do elementary things, but anything involving linear algebra
failed:  for example, I tried the "lm-tests.R" file in the
tests directory, with the following result:

  . . . . . . 

Type 'q()' to quit R.

 > source("tests/lm-tests.R")
Error in La.chol2inv(x, size) : lapack routines cannot be loaded
In addition: Warning message: 
unable to load shared library "/disk4/home4/ehug/newSoft/R-1.9.1/modules/lapack.so":
   ld.so.1: /disk4/home4/ehug/newSoft/R-1.9.1/bin/R.bin: fatal: relocation 
   error: file /disk4/home4/ehug/newSoft/R-1.9.1/bin/libRlapack.so: symbol d_sign: 
   referenced symbol not found 

I don't think "d_sign" is a symbol in Lapack.  Similar things happen 
with any attempt to use functions that involve Lapack.  
Can anyone give me some clues about what's happening?  Any help
would be appreciated.

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