[R] syntex about a nested mixed linear model

JongJoo Kim kimjj at email.arizona.edu
Thu Sep 2 23:46:31 CEST 2004

I am a novice R user, and have been in trouble to get the right mixed
model syntax in microarray analyses.

There are three factors: Dye(2 levels), Temperature(3 levels) and
Array(3 for each Temperature with a total of 9 arrays). I want to treat
array as random, and to regard array variation different between

So the model I want to seek is:

Y = Dye + Temp + Dye + Temp*Dye + Array(Temp) + Dye*Array(Temp).

For F tests of Dye and Dye*Temp, then denominator factor is 
Dye*Array(Temp). For F test of Temp, then denominator factor is

I wrote this syntax to fit the above model by typing:

R2.0<-lme(dsnx.0 ~ temp+Dye+temp*Dye, random = list(
Dye*Array(Temp)=pdDiag(~-1+temp*Dye),  Arra=pdDiag(~-1+temp) ) ).

But there is syntax error message.
To obtain one solution, I typed

which created another factor, int.dye for 'Dye*Array(Temp)', and I

>R2.0<-lme(dsnx.0 ~ temp+Dye+temp*Dye, random = list(
int.dye=pdDiag(~-1+temp*Dye),  Arra=pdDiag(~-1+temp) ) )

It worked but the degree of freedom for int.dye is 12 instead of 6 <=

Could you solve the syntax to fit the right model for this nexted mixed
Thanks so much for your guidance.
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