[R] cross random effects and PQL

aleid2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 20:40:00 CEST 2004

Dear friends,

I have asked last few weeks about cross-random effects
using PQL, but I have not receive any answer because
might my question was not clear.

My question was about analysing the salamander mating
data using PQL. This data contain cross-random effects
for (male) and for (female). 
After opining MASS and nlme pakeges. I wrote this code

sala.glmm <- glmmPQL(fixed=y~WSf*WSM,
family=binomial, data=sala.data).

data neame=sala.glmm which contain
 y is response
 wsf is fixed effect
 wsm is fixed effects
 randf  is random effect
 random is random effect
 where randf and randm are crossed.

The data contain three experiments at the same time.
The previous cod is work but it does not give me
accurate result especially for the random effects.

For experiment I wrote this code 

experiment <-
 because I have three experiments at the same time,
but if I change the experiment to e.g

experiment <- factor(c(rep(1,360)))

is still give answer but is not the right answer. So,
I am accusing my specification of the experiment
(group). If you have any suggestion pleas let me know.

   E-mail:aleid2001 at yahoo.com

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