[R] newsgroup on R

Thomas Petzoldt petzoldt at rcs.urz.tu-dresden.de
Thu Sep 2 14:28:25 CEST 2004

Bin Jiang wrote:

> HI, by newsgroup, I mean a kind of user forum like MATLABs
> http://newsreader.mathworks.com/WebX?14@@/comp.soft-sys.matlab
> where anyone can post a question, without receiving unnecessary emails
> daily


gmane.org IS a gateway from and to a newsgroup system in the original
(NNTP) style. You can simply use the gmane web interface or configure
your newsreader program (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird) and all things should
work perfectly and, what is more important, in a very efficient way.

Furthermore, there are a lot of alternatives: you can get the messages
as weekly digest or you may use the Archives:



BTW: This mail was sent via GMANE.

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