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Erin Hodgess wrote:

>Dear R and S People:
>First, thank you to so many people for your help to my problem.
>Here is the solution:
>a <- 0.5*(outer(1:n3,1:n3,function(x,y,n2.){n2. - pmax(x,y)},n2.=n2))
>I have one final pesky question, please:
>During my experiments, I tried the following:
>a <- 0.5*(outer(1:n3,1:n3,function(x,y,n2.=n2){n2. - pmax(x,y)}))
      In S-Plus, the function "outer" can't find "n2".  In the form

outer(1:n3,1:n3,function(x,y,n2.=n2){n2. - pmax(x,y)}), n2.=n2)

      the value of "n2" is passed to "n2." as part of the "..." 
argument.  Someone else mentioned Venables and Ripley (2000) S 
Programming (Springer).  Please see this or some other discussion of the 
"..." argument. 

      hope this helps. 
      spencer graves

>Why doesn't this work please?
>thank you!
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