[R] strucchange-esque inference for glms ?

adiamond@fas.harvard.edu adiamond at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Jun 29 05:59:44 CEST 2004

hello R-world,

according to the strucchange package .pdf, "all procedures in this package are 
concerned with testing or assessing deviations from stability in the classical 
linear regression model."

i'd like to test/assess deviations from stability in the Poisson model.

is there a way to modify the strucchange package to suit my purposes, or should 
i use be using another package,   or is this a tough nut to crack? :)

my application is detecting the onset of a flu outbreak as new daily data 
trickles in from each morning from local hospitals.  seems to me like the same 
sort of inferential goal that strucchange refers to as "monitoring of 
structural change."

thank you in advance.


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