[R] Another NEWBIE

F.Kalder Kalderf at gmx.de
Sat Jun 19 18:15:19 CEST 2004


Thank you all who anwered me. 

I think, I mainly thought to understand the difference between SPSS /SAS and
R, but didn't really get the point (what explains the question, wich metods
R can't do). Maybe, because I don't have much experience with programming
(near to none). My background in stats goes also only back to indroductory
classes and an advanced course in multivariate statistics. To this, I'm
working with Hair, Anderson, Tatham & Blacks's "Multivariate Data Analysis"
(5th Ed.) as my ressource, mainly with questionnaire analysis (Reliability
Analysis and Factor Analysis, also MDS, Conjoint etc. plus sometimes
standard MANOVA, Multiplke Regression etc.). So, maybe my stats aren't
sophisticated enough to use R, I'm just a standard user of applied
statistical methods, not an academic researcher or even a statistician. It
was mainly a descision by costs, because R is free software. 
With the concept, I completely mistook the R concept as a programming
environment more as a kind of advanced SPSS Syntax (because I also would
call it "programming" when using it), which I now know, is completely wrong.

So, I again thank for your help.

Cheers, Frank.


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