[R] installing my own package - problems with INDEX

Pamela Hall phall at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jun 15 14:41:27 CEST 2004

>Have you checked really carefully for "Unbalanced braces"? Many editors Please do so an look whether opening and closing of barces happens in the correct order. Also, watch out for escaped braces and stuff like that. Some appropriate editor might help, but don't rely on it (since it's not the parser itself).
>Uwe Ligges

Yes. Alpha is a good editor, designed for programming and has a tec mode (and an R/S mode, along with many many others).  It also colourizes everything so its easy to see what you're doing.  I made the skeleton of the Rd file with the prompt() so I believe I have the correct structure.  I have even tried to build a package of 1 function and 1 Rd file.  With 1 Rd file I can count the braces!  I know the file is correct.

At 10:11 +0200 6/15/04, Wolski wrote:
>If I have similar problem.
>I first run R CMD check. Then I change to the directory mypackage.Rcheck where R CMD check generated a file mypackage-manual.tex.
>Then I try to compile the file using latex by myself. In addition I am using a latex error aware editor (texniccenter on windows).
>When I have the error pinned down in tex file, its usually quite easy to find the corresponding Rd file and then the error in the Rd file.
>Sincerely Eryk.

I am not creating latex versions of the help pages.  This package is for a small group of people (about 40) and only works on a specific set of non-public data, so I'm not trying to make this package work for everyone.  It seems that my installation of latex is a bit skiddly-whumpus, but I haven't the time to mess with it now as I have a deadline for the R package completion.  HTML files are sufficient.  So, I have used the option that doesn't make latex files.

however, the editor I use, alpha, has a tex mode and I've been using that since it keeps track of matching braces, indentation and colours text so I know what part of the code it is.

The problem really isn't one of braces - as I said, I have tried to build it with a single function and a single Rd file,and it still gives me the same error.  If I build it with 2 functions and 2 Rd file, then the same error shows up AND only the first function is indexed and the help page for the second function points to the help page for the first function.

I must be doing something else wrong.  Its not the braces.

This is what I have done that may not be right?

1.  I put all of the Rd files into 1 file with a \eof separating them.  This is how it appears in already built packages, however, I haven't seen any reference to that in the R manual.   But if I don't do that, R CMD check completely fails.

2.  What about the functions themselves?  I have tried them as separate files or concatenated into one file.  The functions always appear to have been sourced and are available in R, but the help pages fail either way.

3.  \keyword.  Very few of my functions really fit into any of the keyword.db options.  I note that there also appears to be keywords for packages that can be added (eg spatial).  Can I make my own keyword and add it to the keyword.db?


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