[R] extracting p-value of aov F-statistic

Chuck Cleland ccleland at optonline.net
Mon Jun 14 21:59:25 CEST 2004

   A suggestion from Peter Dalgaard in the archives:



LZ.aov <- summary(aov(breaks ~ wool + tension, data = warpbreaks))

[1,] 0.073613669
[2,] 0.001377778
[3,]          NA

hope this helps,

Chuck Cleland

Sven Hartenstein wrote:
>>>I would like to extract the p-value of the F-statistic of a aov-object's
>>>Getting the p-value is so easy with t-tests (t.test(g1, y = g2,
>>>var.equal = FALSE)$p.value), but I couldn't find anything like that for
>>Maybe something like:
>> >?summary.aov
>>will give you a clue
> Unfortunately not. I already checked summary, aov and lm help pages.

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