[R] moving data and output?

Martin Klaffenboeck martin.klaffenboeck at inode.at
Wed Jun 9 22:00:50 CEST 2004


I have a few questions now:

1.  How can I move data the following way:

I have 2 variables:

one	two
1	5  ^
3	4  |
1	3  |
4	4  |

Now I want to move the two one arround (sorry I don't know how to say  
that in english).  That means:  I want to move the first item at the  
end of my column and move the second at the first place, the third at  
the second, and so on.  You can see it at the arrow next to the 'two'  
column.  The colum named 'one' should be as it is.

2. How can I make outputs of the grafics (plot, hist, ...) into a file?

3. Can I make latex output of the grafics (any tool, like texdraw or  
pictex ...)?

4. I know about sink().  But can I format the output for LaTeX, like a  
\begin{tabular} ... \end{tabular} for a dist() matrix or similar?

5. Acording to the other questions, where can I find answers for this  
questions, if I'm not the first one who is asking?

Thanks for help,

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