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Hi David,

To see what is stored in an object, use names().
In your case you could try this:

> lm <- lm(y ~ age + sex)
> s <- summary(lm)
>  names(s)
 [1] "call"          "terms"         "residuals"     "coefficients"
 [5] "aliased"       "sigma"         "df"            "r.squared"
 [9] "adj.r.squared" "fstatistic"    "cov.unscaled"
> s$coefficients
> s$coefficients[,4]



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~~I am trying to get the P values from the output of a summary for lm.
~~lm <- lm(y ~ age + sex)
~~s <- summary(lm)
~~I thought that I might be able to get them using a combination of scan,
~~grep and sub.
~~But I got stuck on the first step - being able to process "s" as a text
~~I could perhaps write it to file than scan it back but there is probably
~~an easier
~~way to do the whole thing.
~~Help would be welcome, David
~~R-help at stat.math.ethz.ch mailing list
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