[R] Reading in Files (was: no subject)

Ko-Kang Kevin Wang k.wang at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Jun 8 10:32:56 CEST 2004

Please use a more appropriate subject!

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> Hi!!
> I am a new user of R (just trying to analysis microarrays with some
packages from the bioconductor project).
> I would like to import a text-delimeted file containing 20 columns and
22200 rows.
> I have tried
> read.table;
> scan(file="")
>  <matrix(scan("file", n=20*200,20,200, byrow=TRUE));
> Doesn't matter what I try I got the next message:
> error in file (file "r"): unable to open connection
> in addition warning message
> cannot open file "MAS5orig" (this is the name of the file I am trying to
import in R)

It's a syntax error, I think.  Why do you have a "<" before matrix()

Also, which operating system are you running?  Are you sure your working
directory is correct?



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