[R] Datacube or hypercube or olap-functionality in R

Niels Steen Krogh nielssteenkrogh at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 6 10:50:27 CEST 2004

Dear R-users.

I'm going to develop olap-functionality for easy data-description (and 
simple outputs like sum, median and avg) for large datasets (20 MB-1 GB).

We use R (in combination with python, LaTex, MySQL, Access and HDF5) for our 
statistical analysis and reporting and - if possible - would like to use 
R-api on the serverside of a webbased olap-solution. (connecting through rpy 
and RSOAP).
Seaching with "hypercube", "datacube" or "olap" in the R-archives didn't 
give usable hints.
Searching sourceforge gave hits for Mondrian (JAVA) and Bee (PERL) but none 
of them use R for the backend.

Do you know of any prior work or writings on this subject using R?

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