[R] How to create own distance measure in cluster ?

Ricardo Zorzetto Nicoliello Vencio rvencio at ime.usp.br
Fri Jan 30 14:46:43 CET 2004

Hi everyone,

I want to create my own distance measure, other than 'euclidean' or
'manhatan', to use in cluster pckgs. To do this I think that I need to
change dist(), in mva pckg, or daisy(), in cluster pckg. (or is there a
cleaver way ?)

But this functions are in fact things like: .Fortran( "daisy", ... ) or

I tried unsuccessfully to find source code of .Fortran or .C function to
lear how R calculate dissimilarity matrix and then modify source to add my
own distance metrix.

Could someone help me ? Help me to find .Fortran(...) source or helpe me
with better idea to implement my own distance metrix ?

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