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Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Fri Jan 30 14:30:04 CET 2004

You can find some Splus code on Prof. Minnotte's web page:
http://math.usu.edu/~minnotte/research/pubs.html.  You can try and see if
those can be use directly in R.  If not, porting may not be too hard.

Prof. Marron's `SiZer' might also be of interest, but I only know of the
Matlab code that are provided by Steve.


> From: Z P
> Dear all,
> I am considering a problem related to density regression. 
> After we got the 
> estimation of probability density function f(x), how can we 
> estimate the 
> mode of that population?
> Does the sm package support mode estimation? If not, is there 
> any other 
> function in R can estimate the mode according to the 
> estimation of pdf f(x)? 
> Univariate case is ok. If the function further support higher 
> dimensions, it 
> is perfect.
> Thanks.
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