[R] Doubt about pattern

Marcelo Luiz de Laia mlaia at fcav.unesp.br
Thu Jan 29 15:33:25 CET 2004

Hi All,

I have a very simple problem. I have several files in a same directory. I would like to send for an object only the files that finish in ".sens.". I execute the command below,

files <- dir(pattern="*.sens")

but it includes all of the files that have "sens", independent of they be in the end or in the middle of the name of the file. How could I solve this? I sought in the html_help but I didn't find similar to this.

My files

"script_sens.txt", "Sen_155_01_R1.sens", "Sen_155_01_R2.sens", "Sen_155_01_R3.sens", "Sen_155_02_R1.sens", "Sen_155_02_R2.sens", "Sen_155_02_R3.sens", "Sen_155_03_R1.sens", "Sen_155_03_R2.sens", "Sen_155_03_R3.sens", "tome2sens_time1sens.txt"

Tahnks very much

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