[R]Running R remotely in Windows Environment?

Arne Henningsen ahenningsen at agric-econ.uni-kiel.de
Thu Jan 29 09:44:52 CET 2004


I also suggest to use a Linux Server. You can work on this machine via ssh 
(e.g. with PuTTY) and transfer the input and output files with scp or a samba 
server (which is easy to install and very convenient to use for windows 


On Thursday 29 January 2004 08:53, Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Jim Porzak wrote:
> > We are considering setting up a fast, RAM loaded machine as an "R-server"
> > to handle the big problems not suitable for individual desktops and,
> > also, to process ad hoc analysis requests via our portal. We are 99% a
> > Windows shop, so first choice is a windows server. We'll use (D)COM for
> > the portal interface and understand that.
> >
> > What has me stumped is how to easily interface individual analyst's
> > Windows desktops to the R-server. I haven't seen anything in the
> > archives, but I can't imagine this hasn't been done. What am I missing?
> R is not designed to be client-server on Windows.  People I know who do
> this use Windows Terminal Server or Citrix.
> I would question the value of this approach.  Unless you propose to run
> 64-bit Windows, a `RAM loaded' machine isn't `loaded', and R under Windows
> handles large amounts of memory much less effectively than under Linux.
> 64-bit Windows is uncharted territory for R, whereas 64-bit Unix/Linux is
> well trodden.

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