[R] How to generate a report with graphics and tables?

Peter Wolf s-plus at wiwi.uni-bielefeld.de
Thu Jan 29 09:14:08 CET 2004

Liaw, Andy wrote:

>If you don't mind pdf report generated from LaTeX, Sweave would probably
>work nicely for you.  See the two articles on it in R News, which you can
>find on the R web site.
>One other possibility is to use the R2HTML package (and maybe the xtable
>package, too) to write the `report' in HTML.
>>From: Olaf Bürger
>>Hello R-Users,
>>I have some data sets which change on a daily bases. So far I have 
>>imported  these sets into R, done all my evaluations resulting in a 
>>couple of plots, charts and tables of numbers which I copy&pasted via 
>>clipboard into Powerpoint.
>>The procedure is always the same and I wonder, whether there is no 
>>easier way for doing so. Is there some type of "report generator" 
>>available or some HowTo on this.
>>Can anybody give me a hint on where to look for?
>>Olaf Bürger
A third way is to use the R function ff:

Step 1: define a raw latex-report with R expressions (e.g. report.tex)
Step 2: modify some expressions in the raw report according the local 
situation (data sets, etc.)
Step 3: start R and evaluate ff("report.tex")
Step 4: latex report
Step 5: repeat 2-4 for the different data sets

Here is the link to the rd file:

or http://www.wiwi.uni-bielefeld.de/~wolf/software/R-wtools/formfill/ff.rd

Peter Wolf

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