[R] How to generate a report with graphics and tables?

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at myway.com
Thu Jan 29 02:44:02 CET 2004

On Windows you could use a macro recorder/playback program to automate your session.

There is a free script interpreter called autoit at:


that can handle about 90 different commands.  This may seem complex
but you may be able to use it without much of a learning curve 
by using the AutoScriptWriter recorder program found in the Files section of


to record key and mouse actions to create the script and then, if desired, make changes to the script it produces using a text editor.  

You startup autoscriptwriter and then press record and perform your actions.  The actions could startup R, perform various 
commands, start up powerpoint, do various activities, etc.  
Then press stop and press save to save the script.  You can then 
edit the script as desired in a text editor.   At this point 
the commands in the script will mostly be obvious and you
might be able to edit them even without reference to the documentation.  You  can run the script using autoit itself.

I have used it a bit but not extensively; however, if you have
questions there is a yahoo group on it at the link cited above.

There are also numerous shareware and commercial keystroke and macro 
recorders that you can find using google.

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004 22:01:05 +0100
Olaf Bürger <obuerger at ginko.de> wrote:

> Hello R-Users,
> I have some data sets which change on a daily bases. So far I have 
> imported these sets into R, done all my evaluations resulting in a 
> couple of plots, charts and tables of numbers which I copy&pasted via 
> clipboard into Powerpoint.
> The procedure is always the same and I wonder, whether there is no 
> easier way for doing so. Is there some type of "report generator" 
> available or some HowTo on this.
> Can anybody give me a hint on where to look for?
> Regards,
> Olaf Bürger

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