[R]Running R remotely in Windows Environment?

Jim Porzak JGPorzak at loyaltymatrix.com
Thu Jan 29 01:35:23 CET 2004

We are considering setting up a fast, RAM loaded machine as an "R-server" 
to handle the big problems not suitable for individual desktops and, also, 
to process ad hoc analysis requests via our portal. We are 99% a Windows 
shop, so first choice is a windows server. We'll use (D)COM for the portal 
interface and understand that.

What has me stumped is how to easily interface individual analyst's Windows 
desktops to the R-server. I haven't seen anything in the archives, but I 
can't imagine this hasn't been done. What am I missing?


Jim Porzak
Director of Analytics
Loyalty Matrix, Inc.

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